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How to Reduce Prediabetes and Seniors

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A diagnosis of prediabetes can be frightening for anyone, but don’t worry, here’s how to reduce prediabetes in seniors. While many are not aware of this condition, it is estimated that roughly 15-30% of those who develop prediabetes will go on to experience a type 2 diabetes diagnosis within a few years.

The great news is that no matter your age, you can reverse prediabetes with lifestyle changes. Victoria Landing is committed to seniors and creating a beautiful environment where they can age in place in Brevard County, FL. We long to see every person in our care live a fruitful and healthy life. For seniors at risk for prediabetes or who have just received a diagnosis, read on for tips to help reverse this condition.

How to know if you have prediabetes

Prediabetes is a condition that occurs when blood sugar levels are elevated but not enough to be considered within the type 2 diabetic range. Statistics show that over 1 in 3 Americans have high enough blood sugar levels to be considered prediabetic, yet 90% do not even know they have the condition. We encourage all of our residents to stay on top of their health with routine bloodwork and doctor visits.

Lifestyle changes are the best way to resolve prediabetes, no matter your age.

Ways to Help Prediabetes in Seniors

Lose weight

For those overweight or obese individuals, taking steps to lose just 5-7% of their body weight can go a long way. Remember, small steps are powerful. Think about weight loss as one pound at a time.

Take control of your eating habits.

Making healthier choices can make all the difference. Start with additional vegetables. Veggies are a fantastic choice because they are so nutrient-dense. Also, vegetables contain fiber, which helps your body absorb sugar. If vegetables aren’t your thing, we suggest you start small. Go for one serving of vegetables at most meals, and build from there.

Your body needs carbohydrates to function optimally, but not all carbs are created equally. When selecting carbohydrates, think the complex kinds. Complex carbs are your best bet because they take much longer to breakdown in the body. Resist the urge to grab highly processed carbohydrates and opt for whole grains, veggies, and beans instead.

Get Moving

Seniors who are active less than three days a week are more likely to develop prediabetes. Movement is powerful in preventing and reversing prediabetes, and it’s just plain great for your mental and emotional health.

Seniors of all ages benefit from additional movement throughout the day. Safety first, always. Find an activity you love and works for your body and get started today.

Victoria Landing always puts seniors at the forefront

It is important to remember that prediabetes diagnosis does not mean that type 2 diabetes is in your future. Take steps now to reclaim your health by making lifestyle choices that can help reverse the condition. Victoria Landing’s mission is to help seniors age in an assisted living facility with the best care available in Brevard County, FL. From the moment you step into our senior living communities, you will notice the difference. We care for seniors like no other. Contact our office today for more information.

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