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Watch our “Girl” as she begins the metamorphasis from nymph to dragonfly!


It’s been a long stretch from the time we “Turned the Lights On” to now….but we haven’t been idle! The 100 apartments are gutted and reframed and ready for new walls and windows.  And speaking of windows!… the 11th floor is WINDOWLESS! YAY! The descent from top to bottom for   windows removal  has begun.  In the meantime, we are preparing the ground for new walls on the street side, which will create interior hallways and  grounds are being dug up, the old concrete will be removed and crumbled to be repurposed. Victoria Landing is going GREEN. Through all of this we are being very conscious of our sister the Indian River, making sure her wildlife and  are safe. Keep watch on our “girl”. She’s changing every day now and we are EXCITED!

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