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staron Google,Feb 12, 2024


My mom has been there for a couple of years. While we wish she were home and I am sure she does too, Victoria Landing is as good as it can be. The people are nice, the place is clean, the food is good. The view is incredible and there are a reasonable number of activities. It is expensive but it seems worth it.

staron Google,Feb 12, 2024

Jordan Herman (Jordan

My mom has been there for a couple of years. While we wish she were home and I am sure she does too, Victoria Landing is as good as it can be. The people are nice, the place is clean, the food is good. The view is incredible and there are a reasonable number of activities. It is expensive but it seems worth it.

staron Google,Nov 24, 2023


My Uncle moved to Victoria Landing 3 months ago. He says it was the best decision he ever made and should have made it earlier. He is so happy and is the most social he has been in over 10yrs. He even turned down Thanksgiving at our house to stay with his Vicotria Landing friends and family. He enjoys all the activities, staff and food. The staff are always available to him and our family. Each and every one of them listen to you and try to help in any way possible. It is a very pleasant and happy environment. Everyone is always smiling, greeting you and offering any assistance. We would highly recommend Victoria Landing to anyone.

staron Google,Nov 12, 2023

Paige Lichy

My family and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with Victoria Landing. We had to navigate from up north to find housing for my brother-in-law and they helped every step of the way, making it seem seamless. We used their respite services where my brother was able to enjoy the safety, freedom & food along with the expertise/guidance of the medical staff and others. He also enjoyed the peaceful grounds and views as an added plus. They also listened to any concerns we had and seemed to address them with care and thoughtfulness. Any part of the staff we dealt with was better than the last. I’m not sure how it could have been a better experience for the entire family and especially my brother-in-law. Thank you Victoria Landing.

staron Google,Nov 02, 2023


My mother has lived at Victoria Landing for almost three years. I chose V.L. for its resort like amenities and because its residents seemed the most ‘with it’ of all the places I toured. That’s why she moved there. My mom has stayed at Victoria Landing, because of the caring, courteous and hard working people who take care of her there. From the front desk (shout out to Denise), to the food prep and service (thank you Mike), everyone takes care to be friendly and respect the dignity of the residents. All this would have been enough to satisfy us and keep mom there, but there’s more, the head nurse, Nancy, has gone above and beyond simply doing her best. Under difficult, post Covid circumstances, she has done everything, to not only ensure my mom’s safety and health, but to also help ensure that my mother could age in place. Anyone who knows my mom, knows that she isn’t the easiest person to deal with, sweet little grandma, she’s not, but Nancy seems to know how to get the best out of her and does everything in her power to keep my mom living where she loves to live. For however long it lasts, thank you Victoria Landing for making my mom’s last years so happy.

staron Google,Oct 26, 2023


My Grandmother moved to Victoria Landing in July. She (and all of the family) LOVE IT. The staff is the best! They really care about everyone, it is evident the minute you walk in, with smiling faces and happy greetings. It was difficult for her to leave her home of 50yrs, but everyone has been wonderful in helping her transition. She is so happy, always busy, feels safe and truly feels she is living the resort life. Victoria Landing is THE BEST!!!!!

staron Google,Sep 22, 2023


Victoria Landing has the kindest Staff, the culture here is Servanthood. The CNAs are very attentive and are always loving and caring as if the clients were their own mothers and fathers. The residents have a lot of fun here. This is a safe place with wonderful CNAs and Nurses and Staff

staron Google,Sep 12, 2023


Getting better every day. My mom loves this place. Thank you Victoria Landing.

staron Google,Dec 06, 2022


For 5 and a half years my mother has been well cared for. She will never leave.

staron Google,Nov 03, 2022


The staff here is great I don't know if they've added new staff or what but they are really great and I was so happy to see my friend had improved since the last time I saw her instead of getting weaker

staron Google,Sep 26, 2022


We moved our mother to Victoria Landing almost a month ago from another Memory Care located in Viera. We were very nervous to move her from something she was really used to. But she fits in like a glove. I am very impressed with Victoria Landing and how it's being run. I can only speak for memory care, but it is SUPER CLEAN. My mom's room is always clean which is so important (I visit every day) - her bed is always made, her bathroom is always clean and I can tell my mom is so happy and adjusting with her new crew. The Activities Director, Ruth Norman is so great with all that she does - my mom absolutely loves "Noodle Ball" which is a tremendous stress reliever. Ruth's assistant, Ellen is also very helpful. The nursing staff Kimberly and Montrel are the two nurses I have worked with the most, they are absolutely fantastic and I cannot say enough about the incredible support team, The Support Techs that work their hearts out helping these residents - they have hearts of gold. I don't know everyone's names yet - but they know who they ....Marsha, Simone, and G ("Steve"), and so many more - I will learn everyones names. Rose Reid is absolutely incredible and always available for questions. Colleen is always smiling and the front desk family (especially Denise) always makes you so feel welcome. Thank you for making my mom part of your family - We sure do miss her. This is such a horrible disease and glad there are people like Victoria Landing who care. Thank you.

staron Google,Sep 16, 2022


Kristal - the Director of Nursing - has been a huge blessing to our family. She is honest and compassionate at the same time. I can't say enough about how much we appreciate her help during this tough time. She, Denise and Montreal are the best of the best at Victoria Landing.

staron Google,Aug 25, 2022


These folks love the residents and do a great job

staron Google,Aug 13, 2022


Mine and my mother’s experience at Victoria Landing was excellent. Colleen was always available anytime that I needed her. From the simplest questions to the most difficult ones. Everyone of the staff went out of their way to make my mother feel always at home. I would have loved to have kept my mom in their facility, but without financial assistance we just could not afford it and that is the only reason that she is not a full time resident at Victoria Landing. Thanks so much to all of the staff, Steve Baugh and Betty Baugh

staron Facebook,Aug 11, 2022


Absolutely beautiful and clean facility with the most incredible, loving and attentive staff. My mother in law is doing well and we love that we have peace knowing she is cared for by the best.

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