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6 Signs a Beloved Member May Be Ready for Assisted Senior Living


Florida is home to nearly 5.5 million residents age 60 and older and currently ranks first in the nation for the 65+ populations. At Victoria Landing Assisted Senior Living and Memory Care, our residents are family, they are respected as individuals who age differently, physically, cognitively, and socially. Caring for a loved one at home can be a very rewarding experience and, also an emotional undertaking. After all, this is often a beloved parent and as aging progresses, it becomes clear that 24-hour assistance may be required for their safety.

Senior Living – Consider These Signs When Making This Important Decision:

1 – A Slow or Rapid Decline in Physical Health

  • According to the American Association of Retired Persons(AARP), “More than 70 million Americans ages 50 and older—four out of five older adults—suffer from at least one chronic condition.”
  • It can be increasingly difficult for seniors to manage basic daily tasks if they are suffering from a chronic illness.
  • They may require medical attention instantaneously that can be provided with 24-hour assistance accessible.

2 – Advancing Short or Long-Term Memory Loss

  • Worsening symptoms of dementia-related memory loss from mild to severe can lead to senior’s inability to take care of themselves.
  • Fear and confusion about what is happening to their cognition may cause unintended accidents and an unsafe at-home environment, beyond what you as a well-meaning caregiver can provide.
  • While there is no reliable cure for dementia-related illnesses, there are memory care treatments and processes that may slow the progression of symptoms.

3 – Increase in Evidence of Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Self-Isolation

  • As physical and cognitive capabilities lessen, combined with decreasing independence, (ie: loss of driving or performing simple tasks on one’s own), self-isolation, depression, fear, anxiety, and addiction can result.
  • Keep a close pulse on your family member’s mental health issues as according to the National Institute on Aging(NIA), “Loneliness automatically triggers a set of related behavioral and biological processes that contribute to the association between loneliness and premature death in people of all ages.”
  • Robust social interaction opportunities, scheduled activities, provided transportation, and attention to mental wellness are hallmark offerings of quality assisted senior living facilities.

4 – Changes in Physical Appearance

  • You are best to notice if your loved one’s physical appearance is changing such as weight loss or their normally well-put-together appearance is disheveled or soiled.
  • Negative changes in personal hygiene and weight can be indicative of depression, worsening cognition, or an inability to do laundry, bathe, or self-prepare a nutritional meal.
  • According to the National Council on Aging(NCOA), over 10 million seniors are at risk of hunger, and about 10 percent of adults experience malnutrition.

5 – Deteriorating Home Senior Living Conditions

  • An unkept home or unpleasant aromas coming from the trash, bathrooms, or kitchen are signs they may be unable to handle essential tasks to maintain sanitary senior living space.
  • If they are struggling to care for their home, they are most likely struggling to care for themselves. Dangerous consequences such as consumption of expired foods, dehydration, mismanagement of medications, and misusing electrical appliances can occur.
  • Reputable assisted senior living facilities pride themselves on their quality nutritional meal options and provision of clean, sanitary living communities.

6 – Financial Mismanagement and Victimization

  • If you notice mail piling up, it may be a sign of your loved one’s inability to keep track of monthly bills including health insurance, cell phone payments (often their only line of communication), or other financial matters resulting in late fees, penalties, or cancellations.
  • The elderly are often the victims of financial predators. Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, released the following statement last month, “The state of Florida currently ranks second in fraud and identity theft reports nationwide and fraudsters will stop at nothing to prey on our most vulnerable population, Florida’s seniors. Recently, we’ve even seen scam artists use COVID-19 vaccines as a scam tactic.”

Recognizing these signs in a beloved family member can be an emotional challenge, but we must be aware of their safety and well-being.

At Victoria Landing’s Assisted Senior Living and Memory Care located on the Indian River in Melbourne, FL you will find special incentives to help your loved ones fulfill a quality life with dignity, grace, and reverence.

For a Limited Time, We Are Waiving the Standard $3,000 Assisted Senior Living Community Fee and Paying for Your Loved One’s Move-in Costs up to $500.

To us, our residents are not necessarily patients. They and their caregivers become special and beloved friends and family whom we work with closely to provide an appropriate and safe lifestyle promoting physical, emotional, cognitive, and social wellbeing and independence.

Victoria Landing Assisted Senior Living and Memory Care, conveniently located in Downtown Eau Gallie on the shores of the Indian River, is Brevard County’s premier assisted senior living community. Contact us today to learn more about our limited-time-only special incentives where we provide happiness, health, and heart for our seniors like no one else can provide.


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