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If you have a loved one touched by dementia, then you may be looking for a care facility either now or in the near future. It can be scary to entrust the care of your loved one to strangers. We understand your concerns and the uncertainty your loved one feels, as well. Victoria Landing is a premier senior living community with its very own memory care neighborhood, The Boardwalk.

What Is Dementia?

Years ago, dementia was referred to as senility. Senility was even listed as a cause of death on death certificates. But, we now know much more about the disease of dementia. While it usually affects older people, it is not something that every senior citizen develops. In turn, not only senior citizens develop dementia, such as in cases of early-onset Alzheimer’s.

Dementia is not a specific disease, but is instead, an umbrella term encompassing a wide range of symptoms. These symptoms can include memory issues, changes in thinking and reasoning skills, poor judgment, and changes in language and behavior among other symptoms. Dementia is not always caused by age. It can be brought on by brain injuries because dementia occurs when nerve cells are damaged or lost causing them to lose connections to the brain.

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia and specific brain disease. Because Alzheimer’s first affects the part of the brain that is associated with learning, you may notice your loved one having memory issues or displaying changes in their thinking and reasoning skills. These are some of the first symptoms to appear. They are usually most noticeable by those close to the person. Someone unfamiliar with your loved one may just think they are forgetful or absent-minded. Alzheimer’s, unlike some, is a fatal form of dementia.

What the Boardwalk Offers Your Loved One

  • A Sense of Independence – Nobody wants to be told that they have to leave their home to go live with strangers. But, at the Boardwalk, our residents each have their own studio apartment. They are not sharing a room and will maintain their sense of privacy and independence by having their own, personalized living space. Our memory care apartments include a comfortable bedroom/living area and a private bathroom. No kitchen area is included as cooking becomes unsafe as your loved one forgets how to properly work an oven, stove, and microwave. Instead, we offer beautifully cooked meals by our in-house chef. Wouldn’t you like a chef to prepare three meals a day for you?
  • Socialization – It is easy for senior citizens to become isolated as they lose the ability to drive. Additionally, their friends may be moving away to stay with family as they age or even passing away. It can be a difficult time for seniors. One of the wonderful benefits of The Boardwalk is the social aspect. We offer daily activities to keep your loved one active, stimulate brain activity, and encourage friendships. We offer activities such as visiting musicians, visits from therapy dogs, Sit&Be Fit, religious services, puzzles, games, and more. We also have lovely walking paths for your loved ones to enjoy our grounds and get fresh air. Your loved one will have plenty of fun opportunities for socialization.
  • A High Level of Care – Our memory care neighborhood has a higher level of care than our senior living area. We offer a 24-hour staff, assistance with daily living skills, medication management, and a high staff-to-resident ratio. We have nurses on staff to help with basic medical needs. Our staff in The Boardwalk is specially trained in memory care.

What the Boardwalk Offers You

The Boardwalk at Victoria Landing offers you peace of mind. That is priceless. Knowing that your loved one is under 24-hour supervision and can’t wander away can bring a great sense of relief. Your loved one will be safe, cared for, and comfortable. They have friends available at all times for socialization. They receive gourmet meals. You can get a good night’s rest, knowing that they are in skilled, trained, and caring hands.

If your loved one is in need of memory care, then it is time to schedule a tour at The Boardwalk. Visit the apartments, stroll the grounds, and discover all the things that make Victoria Landing so special – a true destination for senior living.

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