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What Does Victoria Landing Do for Its Residents for Christmas?


Did you know that research shows that hundreds of thousands of senior citizens will spend Christmas alone? That is not the case at Victoria Landing.  This article is going to tell you the wonderful things that Victoria Landing has planned for our residents.  If you are a current resident of Victoria Landing, then read on to find out all the fabulous festivities that are in store for you!  If you are looking for a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, then read on to see how amazing it is to live here!

Victoria Landing has a variety of Christmas activities prepared for our residents.  From crafts to carols to parties to delicious food – you won’t be bored this December!  Victoria Landing makes Christmas special for our residents so that nobody feels alone!

One of the goals of Victoria Landing is for the residents to truly feel at home.  It was built with the owner’s mother in mind to have a place to enjoy her retirement.  It is also the home of the owners, John and Barbara.  Unlike other senior living facilities that are run by corporations and feel cold and sterile, Victoria Landing is home to its owners and they consider all the residents their neighbors.  It is a place of warmth, friendship, and family.  In that spirit, they pull out all the stops at Christmas time!

24 Days of Christmas Crafts

We have crafts available every day of the year!  We have a Craft Room designated solely for the purpose of crafting.  The Let’s Get Crafty group also meets on different days and times throughout the month.  For the month of December, we are offering the 24 Days of Christmas Crafts in which we will be doing a Christmas-themed craft every day leading up to Christmas!

Carolers are Coming!

Nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like hearing Christmas carols!  We have several schools, clubs, and groups coming to Victoria Landing to sing Christmas carols throughout our community.  We hope you will come out and support these wonderful singers as they get us all in a festive mood!  Sing along or simply enjoy their beautiful voices, but don’t miss out!  If you enjoy singing yourself, then you should know we have karaoke nights a couple of times a month!

Christmas Party

That’s right!  Not only will we celebrate on Christmas Day, but we will also be hosting a Christmas party for our residents and employees.  We understand that not everyone enjoys parties, but we hope you will at least pop by for a sip of cider and a “Merry Christmas!”  And, if you do enjoy parties, then come when it starts and be the last to leave!  We have activities daily, so if you enjoy socialization, then this is the place for you!  If you don’t, that’s ok too.  We have a library, fitness room, and craft room available for quiet activities.

Traditional Christmas Dinner

You may know that we served up a yummy traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  If your mouth has been watering since then, don’t worry!  We will be serving a traditional Christmas dinner!  If you are not yet a resident here, then let us fill you in on our not-so-secret secret – our chef is AMAZING!  He cooks the meals with love as if preparing them for his own family.  Our dining facilities serve 3 meals a day, so our residents never have to worry about preparing their meals.  Imagine that!  You get to “eat out” every day!  No clean-up, no hassle, just delicious food and fellowship!


Victoria Landing is offering 24 Days of Christmas Crafts, a variety of caroling groups, a Christmas party, and a delicious, traditional Christmas dinner!  Not only is Victoria Landing the home of our residents but also of the owners themselves!  It is a senior living community that strives to truly be home to each and every resident.  It is our desire that no senior ever feels alone, particularly during the holiday season.  We make every effort to have something for everyone.  If you are interested in Victoria Landing for yourself or a loved one, then please contact us today to schedule a private tour.

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