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How Seniors Can Get Healthy and Stay Healthy in the New Year


Are you one of the 38.5% of American adults who made a New Year’s resolution?  If so, we are guessing it was health-related.  Why?  Wanting to exercise more is the most popular New Year’s resolution.  As a senior (55 years+), you were less likely to make a resolution than younger individuals.  However, wanting to get healthy and stay healthy is vital for everyone, especially seniors.  This article is going to tell you how seniors can get healthy and stay healthy.  If you are a senior, read on to find out how to live your best life in your retirement years!

Getting healthy and staying healthy can be accomplished in two primary ways: eating healthy and exercising.  Doctors will tell you that there is no get-skinny-quick program or get-super-abs program that can take the place of healthy eating and exercise.  They are the key to seniors (and everyone) living their best life.

Eating Healthy is Vital for Your Health

We have all heard the old adage, “You are what you eat.”  Thank goodness that isn’t quite true.  How many of us would be walking around looking like giant slices of pizza, chocolate chip cookies, or tubs of ice cream?  Unfortunately, there is a degree of truth to that statement.  What we put in our bodies affects our health and appearance.  If you aren’t feeling your best physically, what you are eating may play a major role in that.

A plate that includes lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy is recommended by the National Council on Aging.  Lean proteins are lean meats, seafood, eggs, and beans.  When it comes to fruits and veggies, the brighter, the better!  Your plate should be colorful because that is a sign of a well-balanced meal.  Whole grains are things like brown rice and whole wheat pasta.  Low-fat dairy includes low-fat milk.  Low-fat cheese or yogurt, particularly low-fat Greek yogurt, may be included in this group.  However, too much cheese isn’t good for your digestive system.  Remember, eat in moderation – too much of anything can be harmful.

At Victoria Landing, our chef makes sure that he serves our residents what he would serve his own family.  An example of one of our wonderful, well-balanced lunches is a hearty beef and bean soup, mahi mahi, garden vegetable rice, and green beans.  We’re willing to bet you didn’t pack that for lunch when you prepared your own meals!

Exercising is Vital for Your Health

You may come from a place of having never exercised in your life and wondering why you need to start now.  Maybe you have always been super active.  Or maybe, like many of us, you have been a little hit-and-miss with exercise, but you know it’s important for your health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exercising can help prevent or delay many of the health problems that come with age.  Cardiac health, strengthening muscles, and improving balance are all important aspects of exercise.  Being told to exercise may make you say, “I’m ___ years old (insert your age).  I’ve earned the right to do what I want when I want.  I don’t have to exercise if I don’t want to!”  Well, that’s true.  However, if your friends are all active and enjoying themselves while you’re stuck sitting and sulking, you may re-think that idea!

We highly recommend the buddy system.  At Victoria Landing, there is no shortage of neighbors.  Find someone to work out with. You can encourage one another, and it can help the time pass more quickly than exercising by yourself.  Victoria Landing offers a fitness center, as well as exercise classes for its residents.  Additionally, we have a beautiful pool that is great for water aerobics.  We also have lovely walking trails.  You’d be amazed how much taking daily walks can benefit your health!  


At Victoria Landing, we believe a healthy lifestyle will help you live your best life and enjoy your retirement years.  We offer a beautifully-appointed senior living community in which you are served three well-balanced and delicious meals each day and have abundant opportunities for healthy, fun exercise.  You may just wish you could have lived here in your 20s!  Please contact us today to schedule a tour.  We are currently including free lunch with your tour so that you can try our amazing food for yourself!  Eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy a vital life at Victoria Landing!

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