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What Do Seniors Need on Valentine’s Day?


Rutgers University did a study of the effect on seniors when receiving flowers.  A whopping 81% of the seniors who received flowers for the study reported a reduction in depression.  72% scored very high on memory tests compared to those in the study who did not receive flowers (the control group).  This article will take a deeper look into what seniors need on Valentine’s Day, giving you 4 specific suggestions.  Most, if not all, of you, reading this have a senior in your life.  Please keep reading to understand better how you can make them feel special this Valentine’s Day.

Four things that seniors need on Valentine’s Day are flowers, letters, time with others, and fun!  Of course, there are MANY more things that you can do with the seniors to make their day special, but we believe any or all of these 4 things will make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable for the seniors in your life!

Victoria Landing is a premier senior living community offering our residents beautiful accommodations, lovely grounds, and fun, exciting activities. Valentine’s Day is no exception.  We aim to make every day enjoyable.  Below we have listed some things, in no particular order,  that seniors need on Valentine’s Day.

4 Things Seniors Need on Valentine’s Day

  1. Flowers – Based on the study cited above, flowers have a positive effect on seniors.  They brought about a decrease in depression, better scores on memory tests, and an increase in socialization.  While many consider Valentine’s Day a silly holiday, others may miss a loved one who is no longer with them even more on this day.  Sending flowers is a great way to lighten their mood.  According to the study, It may also encourage them to spend time with others which is good for their mood, as well.
  2. Send a letter – AARP has the Cupid Crew – volunteers who write postcards or letters to seniors.  You do not have to know the senior to send a note!  It is a wonderful way to brighten the day of a lonely senior.  Even though a senior may have family, they may not live close.  Additionally, although family may be nearby, at a certain age, many of their friends have passed.  It is too easy for seniors to feel lonely, and this is one small, kind act that you can do to prevent it!
  3. Time with Others– Loneliness isn’t good for people of any age.  Even introverts need a degree of social interaction to be their healthiest.  Studies have shown that spending time, particularly with younger people, is beneficial to seniors.  The Bright Futures Scholarship here in Florida requires community service hours.  It would benefit the seniors and the high school students in our area to spend time together.  While seniors may feel invigorated emotionally, mentally, and physically, the high school students are learning respect for elders, and how to give of their time, and they will likely learn a lot by spending time with a senior as they have a lot of life experiences to share!
  4. Fun – This is where we feel like we at Victoria Landing step in!  By offering our residents wonderful activities and great neighbors in their fellow residents, we believe their days can be filled with healthy, life-enhancing fun!  For example, we have craft gatherings, a bridge club, poker games, and movie nights.  We have a variety of daily activities available.  We offer a fitness center, pool, and library, as well.  

For Valentine’s Day, we are having a special dinner!  Our menu is lobster bisque, grilled filet mignon topped with garlic parmesan shrimp, Yukon gold mashed potatoes, and sautéed green beans and mushrooms.  Dessert will be chocolate-dipped red velvet bundt cake drizzled with cream cheese icing and topped with a chocolate-covered strawberry.  Yes, at Victoria Landing, we consider our amazing food to be part of the fun!

In Conclusion

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a lonely day for any senior.  In fact, at Victoria Landing, we believe it can be an extra special day filled with fun, good food, and friends.  If you or a loved one is looking for a senior living community to call home, we hope you will contact us at Victoria Landing.  And, as if Victoria Landing wasn’t already great enough, we are now offering a 5% discount on monthly rent to veterans and their spouses!  Reach out to us today.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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