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Are Senior Living Communities Boring?


“I just reeled in a gorgeous jack!”  “I just saw the best play!”  “I just had a great workout!”  These aren’t the statements of a group of college kids.  These are all things that can be said by the residents of Victoria Landing, a senior living community.  This article will show you that senior living communities are far from boring!  If you have been considering a senior living community, but have been reluctant to make the move, then please read this article because you will see what a vital life you can have!

Getting older does not mean becoming dull or boring.  Nor does it mean having to be bored!  Senior living communities strive to offer a variety of activities and outings for their residents.  From the fitness center to the craft room, from fishing to group outings, nobody does this better than Victoria Landing!

The assumption that a senior living community is a bunch of seniors sitting around with crocheted blankets on their laps, playing bingo is a false assumption, to say the least.  Victoria Landing’s minimum age requirement is 62 years old.  There are a whole lot of extremely active 60+ seniors!  Let’s debunk the myth that senior living communities are boring!

Are Sports Available?

If you aren’t already involved in a sports group in the community, such as a softball or volleyball league, then we think you will find plenty to do at Victoria Landing.  We offer a fitness center to keep you healthy and strong.  We have a lovely pool for relaxation or water fitness.  We have beautiful walking trails too.  You can play bocce ball with friends. If you enjoy fishing, then there is no better place than the Space Coast!  If there is an activity that you enjoy that we don’t yet offer, then we encourage you to take the initiative and start it up!  We love for our residents to get involved and truly make Victoria Landing their home.

Are There Less Physical Activities Available?

Maybe you’ve never been sports-minded.  We have plenty of fun activities available.  We offer Poker in the Pub, Bridge club, crafts with our Let’s Get Crafty group, as well as board games, puzzles, and so much more!  We also offer a library and card room.  

What Outings Are Available?

Even though we offer gourmet meals three times a day, we understand that sometimes it’s still nice to go out to a restaurant for a change of pace or more choices.  We offer a weekly lunch outing to a local restaurant, such as Cheddar’s or Meg O’Malley’s.  If you have never tried Meg O’Malley’s, located nearby in Downtown Historic Melbourne, March is the perfect month to try their Irish-inspired dishes!  Don’t forget to walk through the local shops while you are down there!

You are also welcome to explore the many sites and activities in the area.  You aren’t in jail…you’re home!  The Henegar Center offers wonderful plays put on by our outstanding community theater.  The area offers museums, parks, and outdoor festivals.  Grab some neighbors and make your own outing!  Other various outings are organized by Victoria Landing, as well.  

Why Staying Active is Important

You may have worked for decades to get to this point.  You are ready to retire in style!  But retirement does not equal boring or boredom.  It is important to keep both your mind and body active.  The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion lists the following benefits of staying active:  

  • Can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer
  • Improves your strength and balance
  • Lowers your pain
  • Improves your mood
  • Improves symptoms of anxiety or depression
  • Improves your ability to think, learn, and make decisions

You know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”?  That’s poppycock!  You are not too old to take up a new hobby or learn something new.  Now is the time to finally explore all the activities you never had time for in the past.  Getting older doesn’t mean slowing down.  Your activities may be different than when you were younger, but different doesn’t mean boring!

It is also important to keep your mind active.  Activities like jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word finds, reading, and playing games all help keep your mental abilities sharper.  Your brain needs exercise too.  The combination of physical activity and mental activity helps to keep you feeling good emotionally, physically, and mentally.


In conclusion, you will wish you could have moved to Victoria Landing sooner!  Nothing about living here is boring.  You would have to try to be bored, but we can pretty much guarantee that your neighbors won’t let that happen!  With activities available all day long on-site, as well as everything available to you on the Space Coast, boring should be the last word on your mind when it comes to life at Victoria Landing!

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