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Why Should You Choose Victoria Landing for Memory Care?


According to the National Library of Medicine, an accumulation of studies has found the same three factors contribute to the quality of life for those with memory issues.  These factors are mood, engagement in pleasant activities, and the ability to perform activities of daily living.  This article will discuss how Victoria Landing meets these three essential needs.  If you are looking for a senior living community that provides memory care, then read on to discover how Victoria Landing cares for its memory care residents. 

You should choose Victoria Landing for your loved one in need of memory care for the simple fact that we provide all three vital factors that improve the quality of life for memory care residents.  Providing a positive environment that uplifts mood, providing pleasant activities and encouraging their engagement, and allowing them to perform as many activities of daily living as possible are all part of our memory care living arrangements. 

Victoria Landing is a beautiful senior living community that provides living accommodations for seniors aged 62 years and older.  We have two sections to our living community:  one area is designated for those without memory issues, and the other area, referred to as The Boardwalk, is designated for our memory care residents.  We will specifically discuss how Victoria Landing provides for their three vital needs of mood, engagement in pleasant activities, and the ability to perform activities of daily living. 

How Does Victoria Landing Contribute to Mood? 

“Research has shown that the availability of social contacts and the ability to engage in social interaction are important in maintaining healthy aging and alleviating loneliness.”   Victoria Landing provides a wonderful environment of social connectedness.  You may actually live right next door to someone who becomes a dear friend!  By sharing meals, talking, and engaging in fun activities, the residents of Victoria Landing develop meaningful friendships.  At a stage in life when many friends and family members have passed away, it is important for seniors to continue to make friends to maintain a healthy social life which studies show contributes positively to mood. 

How Does Victoria Landing Provide Engagement in Pleasant Activities? 

Victoria Landing offers a wide variety of activities for its residents.  We have an on-site library, fitness center, card room, movie theater, and swimming pool!  While many of our residents are very active and can go out and about, some of our residents are no longer able to do so.  Because of this, we have built a warm environment with the comforts of home AND the fun of going out! 

For our memory care residents, we have built a schedule that provides a routine to limit confusion while infusing the calendar with new activities to keep them engaged, interested, and as mentally challenged as possible.  For example, on Mondays in March our schedule was the same from 9 am – 1 pm, consisting of a workout with weights, coffee and muffins, card games, scented hand spa, and noodle ball.  Later in the afternoon, we also tend to have a repeating activity, such as milkshakes, jigsaw puzzles, or another hand spa.  During the mid-afternoon, we offer a variety of activities each day to keep things fresh!  Activities such as creative coloring, singing hymns, making suncatchers, or playing bingo are just a few of the engaging activities offered to our Boardwalk residents.  

How Does Victoria Landing Provide the Ability to Perform Daily Living Activities? 

When a loved one is experiencing memory issues, they may have things taken from them, such as the ability to drive or take care of their own finances.  This can be very frustrating for someone who has been independent for decades.  That is why we allow our Boardwalk residents to perform as many of their daily living activities as possible.  They can still feel a sense of independence as they have a private bedroom and bathroom, essentially their own suite.  Meals are provided for all our residents and are truly top-notch. 

If a Boardwalk resident is still capable of bathing and dressing him/herself, then we want them to do that!  It is not our goal to remove independence or daily living activities from our residents.  However, when the need arises for our skilled staff to step in and offer assistance, we offer complete personal care and support 24 hours/day! 


Moving a loved one into a memory care facility is a huge decision.  At Victoria Landing, we believe you will feel good about your decision when you view our beautiful grounds, check out the wonderful amenities, and even taste our delicious meals!  We will walk hand-in-hand with your loved one however fast or slow their memory-loss journey is.  We want Victoria Landing to truly be their home. 

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