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Veterans, Assisted Living, and Victoria Landing

Military Veterans - Victoria Landing

Did you know that military veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless than other Americans?  “While only 8% of Americans can claim veteran status, 17% of our homeless population is made up of veterans.”  Do you have a veteran in your life?  Your dad? Your favorite uncle?  Your brother?  Your spouse?  What do you do when they require assisted living?  The Department of Veterans Affairs does offer services to homeless veterans, but there are not always VA assisted living facilities nearby.  The veteran may want to stay close to family and friends.  Maybe it’s time to look into local assisted living facilities for your loved one, the veteran in your life.

Veterans need assisted living just like anyone else when they reach a certain age or have certain physical or memory care needs.  While there are VA-operated assisted living facilities available to veterans, they only exist in some cities.  A veteran might have to live hours from family and friends if they were to move to one of these facilities.  There are plenty of wonderful assisted living facilities existing locally that proudly serve our military veterans, such as Victoria Landing.

You may think of the veteran in your life as invincible.  They survived a war. Many of them survived multiple wars or multiple deployments to the same war.  Surviving doesn’t slow aging, however.  Every veteran ages, just like you do.  Some experience lasting physical or memory issues from injuries sustained while deployed.  Some are simply feeling the effects of the natural aging process or experiencing issues due to genetic predispositions to conditions like Alzheimer’s. This article will take a deeper look at veterans, assisted living, and Victoria Landing.


Veterans are much like you, but they signed on the dotted line to defend their country even if it meant losing their lives.  That is a quality that most people don’t possess.  According to the Council on Foreign Relations, less than 0.5 percent of the U.S. population currently serve as active duty service members.  With only 0.5 percent of our population currently serving and only 8 percent of our population ever having served, it seems like common sense that these veterans deserve our appreciation.  Not all veterans in need of assisted living are homeless, far from it.  Many are living with their spouses or children or independently, but the time has come when their house may be too much to care for or they need assistance with daily tasks.  When that happens, there are local assisted living facilities that welcome veterans with open arms.


Assisted Living

Many assisted living facilities are designed with multiple purposes in mind.  For example, communities like Victoria Landing are designed as retirement living/assisted living/memory care facilities.  In general, assisted living facilities are designed to give elderly folks a place to live in which they still have their independence, along with the assistance they need for daily living tasks.  

If you have a loved one who can’t take care of their home and yard anymore or maybe needs help bathing and dressing, then an assisted living facility is the perfect option.  Many offer memory care sections, such as The Boardwalk at Victoria Landing.  These communities provide a higher level of care for your loved one with memory issues, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.  

Don’t be fooled.  Assisted living communities are not nursing homes where your beloved veteran goes to shrivel up into a shell of who they once were.  They are vibrant communities full of life, laughter, and fun activities.  Think of it as a dorm or fraternity/sorority house for your elderly loved one.  They get to live with friends, have meals prepared for them, and have the necessary assistance to live out their golden years to the fullest.  

Victoria Landing

Victoria Landing is luxury retirement living!  We are located on the Indian River in Melbourne, FL.  We offer lovely apartments in both our assisted living community and our memory care community.  We have an amazing chef who serves up three delicious meals per day, so your loved one no longer needs to worry about cooking and the impending cleanup we all dread!  It’s time for them to relax and enjoy themselves after years of hard work and sacrifice.

This month at Victoria Landing, we celebrated our resident veterans with multiple special activities.  We didn’t just wait until Veterans Day either.  We spread out the activities during the first two weeks of November to help make our veterans feel honored.  We had a veterans’ social, a veterans’ photoshoot, a veterans’ pinning ceremony, and a Veterans Day Home of the Brave Bash!

We want our local veterans to know that we don’t just honor you on Veterans Day or even just the month of November, but we honor you always.  At Victoria Landing, veterans always receive a 5% discount on their monthly rent.  It’s our simple way of saying, “Thank you, and welcome home.”

war veterans


There are many veterans, homeless and otherwise, who need assisted living care.  While there are VA assisted living facilities available, they may be far from where a veteran currently lives.  They may not want to move away from family, friends, and their community.  That’s why assisted living facilities need to welcome our local veterans with open arms.  

Victoria Landing offers retirement living, assisted living for those who need help with daily living tasks, and memory care.  Situated on the Indian River with a lovely building and beautiful grounds, Victoria Living is a vibrant community full of great people and fun activities.  We want our local veterans to feel honored and welcomed here.  We do this by offering special activities to honor our veterans during November.  More importantly, we do this year-round by offering veterans 5% off their monthly rent.  If you have a loved one who is ready for the vibrant life that Victoria Landing offers, then please contact us today!



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