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9 Great Ideas for Seniors on Valentine’s Day


Candy hearts, flowers, sentimental cards – these are all things we associate with Valentine’s Day.  For some people, this day is a big deal.  Fancy restaurants are packed.  Jewelry stores are selling heart-shaped jewelry and engagement rings aplenty. Others would rather save their money and use it for a couple of date nights when restaurants aren’t so busy or buy something nice for their house.  If you have a senior citizen in your life that you love, have you asked yourself how they might be spending this Valentine’s Day?  We have some great ideas you can do for or with your senior loved one this Valentine’s Day.

It can be hard to think of something to do for yourself and your significant other on Valentine’s Day, but what if you know someone who is elderly and alone?  Who will make them feel special on a day that is focused on love and relationships?  You can!  We have come up with 9 great ideas for seniors on Valentine’s Day.  We think you will enjoy them too!

Making plans for Valentine’s Day can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are many things you can do to make the senior in your life feel special and loved without breaking the bank or spending weeks planning.  At Victoria Landing, we know that social interaction and connection are a vital part of our residents’ lives and well-being.  We invite you to be a part of that.  In this article, we will present 9 great ideas for seniors on Valentine’s Day.  We believe you will find these suggestions helpful and enjoyable for both you and your loved one.

9 Great Ideas!

  1. Bring or send a Valentine’s gift basket – You don’t have to spend a fortune to fill a basket with fun, Valentine-themed goodies.  Stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Walmart carry holiday-themed items.  Some fun ideas are Valentine-themed puzzles, word finds, crossword puzzle books, or adult coloring books.  Including favorite candies or treats is a nice, personal touch.  Even though Florida isn’t super cold in the winter, fuzzy socks or a soft blanket can be a nice touch.  Ross often carries holiday-themed throw blankets. 
  2. Go somewhere special – Take your loved one out for a nice dinner or lunch to beat the crowds.  Go somewhere they enjoy like the Brevard Zoo or Kennedy Space Center.  One Indialantic resident takes her elderly mom, currently 77 years old, to Disneyworld every other year, and they have a blast!
  3. Watch a movie – If your loved one enjoys the romanticism of the holiday, watch a modern rom-com classic like “Sleepless in Seattle” or a true classic like “Casablanca” together.  Don’t forget snacks!
  4. Tea party with friends – Your loved one may enjoy including their friends in your Valentine’s celebration.  Why not plan a tea party that includes their friends and yours too, if you want!  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, and sites like Pinterest usually have cute, easy ideas.
  5. Include the kids – If you have kids, it might be fun to include them.  Making a Valentine cookie kit together and eating them after, of course, is a fun way to spend the afternoon.  If the kids need to bring Valentine’s cards to class, you could make homemade ones together.
  6. Spa Day – This isn’t just for the ladies!  Men can enjoy a good massage and maybe even a pedicure!
  7. Visit – Don’t underestimate the importance of just spending time together.  Your loved one may just want to talk, watch their favorite show with you, or play a game.  If some friends or relatives that live far away, do a FaceTime call together to include them in the visit.
  8. Send flowers or a gift –  If you live too far to do something in person, sending even a small gift can let your loved one know they are being thought of on Valentine’s Day.  It may seem simple, but it can mean a lot to someone.
  9. Get involved with activities at Victoria Landing – At Victoria Landing, we have planned activities available every day.  We also have plenty to do that is unplanned, like playing games in our card room, working on a craft in the craft room, or taking a stroll through our beautiful grounds, among many other available activities.  We have holiday-themed activities available each month.  If you can’t join your loved one for Valentine’s Day, then encourage them to take part in some of our activities.  If you can join them, that’s even better!


At Victoria Landing, we like to see our residents enjoying their lives every day!  Valentine’s Day is a great time for family members to remind their loved ones just how much they mean to them by doing one of the 9 great ideas above.  Bringing treats, going somewhere special, watching a movie, having a tea party with friends, including the kids, a spa day, a visit, sending a thoughtful gift, and joining them for fun activities here at Victoria Landing are all great ways to spend Valentine’s Day with the senior in your life.  Victoria Landing, located in Melbourne, FL, offers luxury retirement living.  Retirement doesn’t equal boredom.  If your loved one doesn’t live here yet, maybe it’s time for them to come join the year-round fun at Victoria Landing!

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