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Signs Your Loved One May Be Ready for Assisted Living


You begin aging the moment you are born.  Some say you are dying from the moment you are born.  While that is essentially true, it is a bit pessimistic.  Living your life to the fullest until you die is a more positive approach.  But, time stands still for no one, and aging is something we all must face.  Whether it is you or a loved one, there are signs to watch for that indicate it is time for assisted living.

Assisted living communities offer seniors in need of additional help with daily living tasks a positive, encouraging, and fun atmosphere to live and thrive.  If your loved one is having memory issues, frequently falling, or experiencing increasing weakness, then it may be time for them to consider a senior living community that offers assistance.

You may want to live in your own house forever or have your parents move in with you if they are aging, but this is not possible for everyone.  Some families simply don’t have the space to move loved ones in with them.  Others work full-time and can’t give their elderly loved ones the time, attention, and care they may require during working hours.  Whatever the situation, rest assured that assisted living is not a punishment nor are you failing your loved one!  Assisted living communities, like Victoria Landing, are vibrant communities filled with people living each day to the fullest.  This article will explore some signs that your loved one may be ready for their next adventure – an active, beautiful senior community, complete with assistance if needed.

#1  Memory Issues

Memory “issues” occur naturally with age.  Some call them “senior moments” or “brain farts” (please excuse the gross factor).  That is nothing to be concerned about, but if memory issues seem to be worsening, it is a good idea to have your loved one evaluated by a physician.  If a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s is given, then memory care is something to seriously consider.  There are stages with these memory disorders that can be difficult to navigate.  Your loved one may be prone to bursts of anger (directed at you) or wandering from home and becoming lost.  Let’s look at one family’s story to shed some light on these challenges:

“My grandma hurled a house phone at my cousin when she was living with her to care for her.  She also wandered down a major highway with her little Boston Terrier and insisted the shoulder was for walking when a police officer pulled over to help her.  We kept her in her home as long as we could, but eventually, she lived in a memory care facility where they had activities for her and took care of her daily needs that she could no longer do herself.”

Having a full-time trained staff, nurses, and security provides a safe space for your loved one to live and make friends.  It is a new and unexpected chapter, true.  It will be sad for the family to see your loved one decline, but there can also be fun times spent doing activities together that will form new memories for you to carry in your heart.  Victoria Landing offers luxury retirement living, as well as a memory care community, “The Boardwalk.”  There, your loved one will enjoy their own apartment, lovely common areas, and many engaging, fun activities. 

#2 Frequent Falls

If your loved one is becoming unstable on their feet, it may be time for assisted living.  Even if your loved one lives with you, you cannot prevent these falls from happening.  Assisted living facilities can’t prevent these falls either, but it is reassuring that there is an onsite nurse to evaluate your loved one immediately.  Additionally, there is care for daily living needs, so your loved one does not have to get up and down frequently.  They will have the assistance they need available to them 24/7.  This is reassuring because if your loved one falls at home alone, nobody may know for hours or even days.  You don’t have to worry about that at Victoria Landing.

#3 Increasing Weakness

Whether it is from arthritis, injury, or muscle atrophy, your loved one may experience increasing weakness.  Assisted living may be a perfect solution for them.  Perhaps they can still do many things for themselves but need some assistance.  Maybe you are concerned that their weakness will lead to falling.  Victoria Landing provides a safe, secure, and vital community.  Your loved one may find that their senior years are some of their best!


There are signs to watch for that may indicate your loved one is ready for assisted living care.  If they have memory issues, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, are falling frequently, or are experiencing increasing weakness, then it may be time for them to move to an assisted living facility.  Victoria Landing, located in Melbourne, FL, offers an exciting, active community for seniors.  Our memory care neighborhood offers many fun, engaging activities, as well.  Nothing about Victoria Landing is boring.  The grounds are beautiful, the staff is caring, and they are just waiting for your loved one to come be a part of all that is happening there. 

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