Our Residents Love Life at Victoria Landing

Our Residents Love Life at Victoria Landing

Our Residents Love Life at Victoria Landing

While we can tell you how great Victoria Landing is, it seems like it would be best explained by our residents – the people that live life here and enjoy every minute of it!  So, let’s see what they have to say about Victoria Landing! “I’VE ALWAYS ENJOYED LIVING...
Assisted Living vs Home Care

Assisted Living vs Home Care

We realize that this is a huge decision.  Do you choose an assisted living facility or home health care for your loved one?  Everyone’s situation is unique, so one answer won’t fit everyone.  However, we would like to explain the differences and similarities to help...
Elegant Senior Living at Its Finest

Elegant Senior Living at Its Finest

In the United States, the demand for senior living is very high. Approximately 16% of our population was 65 years of age and older in 2019. 16% may not seem like a lot, but in real numbers that is over 54 million people. If you or your loved one is in this age group...

Victoria Landing Assisted Living is a rental community with incredible views of the Indian River and Historic Downtown Eau Gallie. Our Mission is to provide consistently excellent service to those we touch combining independence and personal care in a residential setting. 

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 Victoria Landing is a community built with character and spirit. It’s a place full of pride. It’s a place all of us would like to call home.

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